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Biobased economy: biomass as a raw material

In a biobased economy, biomass is the raw material for the production of energy, plastics and fuel. Applications of biomass:

  1. Corn waste and algae as raw material for the production of bioplastics.
  2. Manure fermentation installations that collect biogases and convert into green gas.
  3. Producing electricity and heat from wood chips incinerated in energy plants.

Biomass and the environment

There’s less need for fossil fuels, such as oil, coal and gas, thanks to the use of biomass. That means fewer greenhouse emissions. Also, it is easier to make biomass products biodegradable.

The government

Looking ahead to 2030, the cabinet is convinced that investing in biomass now is crucial for sustaining our economy and meeting the climate goals. Biomass is being used as an energy source in all climate sectors. In agriculture, biomass is important for soil fertility and carbon supplies in the soil. In time, biomass will also serve increasingly as a material and raw material. The goal is to optimise and utilise the available quantities of biomass as efficiently as possible, achieving the highest possible climate benefit.

Emmen, maak het mee!


MCE as landlord and enabler for handling more substantial waste streams from pre-processing to finished product is unique for the Netherlands.
The installation offers sufficient space in the available possibilities.

We can move fast thanks to our knowledge and expertise in material management, processing and optimisations.

At MCE, we are all convinced that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. Furthermore, we recognise the crucial role of the biomass industry in solving the challenges facing today’s society