New technology in the old factory


Pelletising or pelleting is the process of compacting materials into pellets through milling. Our factory’s completely closed system prevents any dust or odours from being released during the process.


The supplied material is broken down by subjecting the material to frictional forces.


Compounds are suitable for critical applications that require high technical standards.


Homogenisation/standardisation of raw material streams. There are various challenges to be met, both in technology and organisation, in the fields of product quality and stability..


Various types of material can be dosed and processed according to client specification.


Storage and transporting materials based on existing techniques according to client specification.


Crushing or pulverising raw material streams into fine particles.


Transportation possibilities, providing logistical support to and from European locations.

Latest news

Einde Afval Status MCE-DE

Einde Afval Status MCE-DE

De inspecteurs uit Nederland en Duitsland hebben dit aan MCE digitaal bevestigd en delen met deze onderzoeksverklaring mede dat MCE geen afval maar een product produceert en levert naar Duitsland.

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Open Bedrijvendag Emmen

Open Bedrijvendag Emmen

Op zaterdag 2 november jl. hebben diverse bedrijven en instellingen hun deuren weer geopend voor iedereen die een kijkje in de keuken wilde nemen van alle veelsoortige bedrijven en bedrijvigheid die de gemeente Emmen rijk is. Ook de Proeftuin MCE was dit jaar voor het eerst deelnemer en zoals men een eerste indruk maar 1 keer kan maken was onze eerste bezoeker de Wethouder van Economische Zaken Guido Rink die kennis kon maken met ons en onze plannen voor de verdere ontwikkeling van de Proeftuin en de Productielocatie aan de Rondweg te Emmen.

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Where passion, expertise, and talent meet

The MCE testing grounds

We, owners Louis Wittendorp, Harry Pot and partners, would love to give you a more in-depth look into the several work areas where we focus on challenges as well as solutions. We’re here to offer the insights, expertise and assistance needed to make your activities in grinding, mixing and pelleting, as well as digitalising the logistical processes substantially more sustainable and profitable than ever before.
Challenges often bring out the best in people, and that is certainly the case at MCE right now. By entering into promising collaborations through a targeted and creative approach, our PMCE joint venture can genuinely make the difference.
The first step has already been made through our acquisition of the Agrifirm production site in Emmen, which can handle various processing operations with vast streams of material. From small to large amounts, from low views in the laboratory to a 52-meter-high overview of the bordering Emmtec (chemical) site and various educational and research institutions.
Through our people & partners initiative, we also allow other entrepreneurs to test their products and formulations. For this purpose, part of our production site is now being transformed into a testing ground. This initiative is made possible in part through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Province of Drenthe.



MCE can accommodate both large and small productions, making it possible to do testing on the same site on a laboratory scale as well as practical testing with a large number of products and sizeable productions exceeding 20 tonnes. This enormous range of testing possibilities makes MCE a unique factory and a unique site in its category. Also, the independence of the entire chain and the spacious storage facilities enable the immediate client-specific design of the infrastructure. By taking advantage of the upscaling possibilities, MCE can accurately test the effects of upscaling and quickly provide feedback on the results.
Currently, MCE has already received a fair amount of demand from the Benelux and Europe, which is stimulating us to continue investing in the expansion of our technological possibilities.


Entirely in line with the need-felt desire to develop the green biobase cluster in Emmen into a full-fledged ecosystem, our partners recognise the added value of our testing ground.
Emmen wants to sustain and further expand its strength in the field of the green economy. The MCE partners from both the private sector as well as educational institutions and the government recognise that the fruitful collaboration makes the MCE testing ground a particularly suited location with the Biobased Experience Center as a collaborative meeting centre serving as a flagship for this international project.
The initiative to develop such a testing ground has broad support from the city, province, knowledge institutes and other companies. The expert committee responsible for the substantive assessment of the application for the ERDF testing ground was also very positive. The committee awarded the project no fewer than 95 of the maximum 100 points.



It is essential for experts in the Netherlands and Europe as well as for interested companies, knowledge institutes and government representatives to find a location where multiple functions can be brought together. A place where the many processing possibilities of biomass can be researched and where, at the same time, new and existing technological possibilities can be studied, tested and demonstrated. The development of the testing ground is therefore essential in facilitating and achieving the synergy between companies and knowledge institutes. The testing ground will prove its value to its partners and interested companies as an easily accessible and excellently equipped physical testing site by bringing experimentation, innovation, production, and education together and making it possible and more accessible for all interested parties.

Coffee Grounds

The Coffee-To-Burn pellet is, without a doubt, the most sustainable pellet right now. This innovative concept was conceived as there was such an abundance of coffee grounds being thrown away while, at the same time, these grounds can be an excellent raw material for various uses, such as energy, materials and weed control.

Cacao shells

A renewed technique makes it possible for users of bio fermenters to regulate the process more evenly and have less residue in the same period. Cacao shells are much more than merely a decorative ground-covering garden solution. Stop by and discover the many material properties of this residue stream.

Olive pits

Olive pits are incredibly suited for producing woodstove pellets because of their higher caloric value compared to wood. Currently, we use this residue for bio-fermentation. The result is improved through several pre-processing procedures before it is added to the formulation for the pellet.